About Boconeo

Founded in 1951, the Building Officials Conference of Northeast Ohio is a nonprofit membership association, comprised of more than 350 members who span the building community, from code enforcement officials to building designers. BOCONEO provides a unique opportunity for individuals to join and derive the benefits of membership in Ohio’s largest code officials’ organization. Our members are professionals who are directly or indirectly engaged in the construction and regulatory process.


(A) To effect an association of building officials and certain others affiliated with building construction into a group functioning for the mutual benefit of the general public, the Conference members and governmental agencies in northeast Ohio.

(B) To aid its members by acting as a service organization and as a source of information.

(C) To develop, promote and institute educational programs for the benefit of its members.

(D) To promulgate, develop, promote and make available to its members such ordinances, codes, rules, regulations and standards as may be deemed advisable and desirable.

(E) To develop technical advisory services available to its members.

(F) To foster closer cooperation and exchange of information among its members, governmental agencies and other building official organizations.


BOCONEO is a “Chapter” member of OBOA (Ohio Building Officials Association) and ICC (International Code Council) organizations. These organizations are dedicated to preserving the public health, safety and welfare in the built environment through the effective, efficient use and enforcement of Model Codes.